Shining a light on Human Trafficking in Ontario



On Monday, July 11th MPP Laurie Scott from the Riding of Halliburton-Kawartha Lakes-Brock came to Belleville to meet with Chief Cory MacKay, deputy Chief Ron Gignac and Kim Charlebois, executive director of the Sexual Assault Centre in Quinte and District.  
MPP Smith hosted the round table and met with members of the media afterward to shed light on what is happening in our very own backyards.  

Scott's Bill 158 - Saving The Girl Next Door does four things 

1. It allows parents, child protection services and police to use a protection warrant to keep traffickers away from their victims.
2. It also allows for victims to sue traffickers through civil court to get retribution, rather than go through criminal court, which is much more difficult.
3. Creates a national trafficking awareness day.
4. It is asking to update the sexual offender registry to include offences for human trafficking.

The bill has passed second reading at Queen's Park but still has to be called to committee.  Read more about the meeting HERE 

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