Premier Desperate to Hit 'Reboot'


September 8th, 2016


(BELLEVILLE) – A week after losing a by-election in Scarborough-Rouge River, the Premier has decided to prorogue the House and bring it back with a Throne Speech on Monday. This follows a Cabinet shuffle earlier in the summer that showed all the signs of a tired government trying desperately to stay relevant.

“It’s amazing,” Smith stated. “The Premier loses a by-election and finally discovered five days ago that people in Ontario are having trouble paying their soaring hydro bills. That’s something everyone else in Ontario has known for the last five years.”


Smith went on to say that the government has been weighed down by scandal through the first two years of its mandate and is looking to change the channel after losing a riding that they’d held since 1985.


“This is a government under five OPP investigations.” Smith continued. “This is a government that got a report last week that told them half of Grade 6 students are failing math. This is a government that has watched the average household hydro bill go up by hundreds of dollars every month. They’re now going to try and slap a new coat of paint on the same tired, old gang that got us in this mess.”


Smith didn’t believe the Throne Speech would offer anything new for the people of Ontario as both the Premier’s announcement this morning and the Government House Leader’s press conference seemed to be a rehash of prior talking points. So, the PC Caucus have said that if the Liberals want their help bringing back government bills without reintroducing them, they want the Hydro One Sale stopped.


“Part of getting your hydro bill under control is stopping the Hydro One sale.” Smith concluded. “Handing this utility over to the government insiders and corporate friends is only going to mean higher hydro bills for the average Ontarian.”


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