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TO the Legislative Assembly of Ontario:-


WHEREAS rural schools play an integral role in their communities by attracting new people to small communities and providing an education


AND WHEREAS rural schools are so much more than schools to these communities because they provide a community space for a number of activities


AND WHEREAS rural communities have faced hospital bed closures and forced industrial scale energy project construction among other policies that the government has pursued which stifle growth in rural communities.


AND WHEREAS the current Accommodation Review Committee process is being forced through on a shortened timeline and only after the government made regulatory changes that make it easier to close a small rural school


WE the undersigned petition the Legislative Assembly of Ontario as follows:


That an immediate moratorium be established on the Accommodation Review Committee process, that planned school closures be halted and that the government be forced to consider the long term impact closing these schools will have on the communities they serve.

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    School closure decisions are being rushed for purely political reasons. Our current provincial government is rushing to close as many schools as possible, before the next provincial election, in a desparate attempt to do anything and everything possible to have a balanced budget by election time. Above mentioned regulatory changes to make it easier to close rural schools is part of this strategy. Closing schools, before the election, helps our current government’s election budget appear balanced…….and the promises of future funding to build new, replacement schools, after the election, is a deceptive promise because this promise can be reversed after the election, should the Liberals win again.
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    The school board is quickly taking away the facilities to teach our children and the teaching system is going to pot!! We need a board that is going to put the children first and their paycheck last.
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    Sign the petition: Oppose Rural School Closures Petition
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    Please keep bayside public and secondary open. These schools offer a one of a kind learning environment. It offers students the chance to grow and develop in a student focused school. My son is currently at Bayside secondary in the French program and is excelling. I fear any changes to his school with have a severe and immediate negative impact on him.
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    Sign the petition: Oppose Rural School Closures Petition
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    There is no doubt that excess school spaces currently exist and it is imperative that the MOE work with boards rather than force unrealistic timelines for immediate cost savings. The HPEDSB trustees and senior administration must be forced to look at alternatives and slow the process of wide scale consolidation. The simplistic solutions that are being proposed, especially for Prince Edward County schools, may seem workable on paper but they are fraught with problems and will not create positive learning environments for our students and families.
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    I think that the funding formula for schools located in smaller towns needs to change, because these schools are a critical part of the fabric holding the community together. Also, it doesn’t make sense to have kids spending hours on the bus everyday, because the school is far away. The existence of a school in a community makes it attractive for businesses and people to locate there.
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    Sign the petition: Oppose Rural School Closures Petition
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    All our schools are important and education should be a priority to our leaders, as the children our the future.
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    My child is the 3rd generation in our family to attend Hillcrest public school. We walk to and from school everyday. If this school closes we have to trade in our feet for a bus.

    It’s a shame what’s happening to our communities.
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