Oppose Rural School Closures Petition

TO the Legislative Assembly of Ontario:-


WHEREAS rural schools play an integral role in their communities by attracting new people to small communities and providing an education


AND WHEREAS rural schools are so much more than schools to these communities because they provide a community space for a number of activities


AND WHEREAS rural communities have faced hospital bed closures and forced industrial scale energy project construction among other policies that the government has pursued which stifle growth in rural communities.


AND WHEREAS the current Accommodation Review Committee process is being forced through on a shortened timeline and only after the government made regulatory changes that make it easier to close a small rural school


WE the undersigned petition the Legislative Assembly of Ontario as follows:


That an immediate moratorium be established on the Accommodation Review Committee process, that planned school closures be halted and that the government be forced to consider the long term impact closing these schools will have on the communities they serve.

Will you sign?

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