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TO the Legislative Assembly of Ontario:-


WHEREAS rural schools play an integral role in their communities by attracting new people to small communities and providing an education


AND WHEREAS rural schools are so much more than schools to these communities because they provide a community space for a number of activities


AND WHEREAS rural communities have faced hospital bed closures and forced industrial scale energy project construction among other policies that the government has pursued which stifle growth in rural communities.


AND WHEREAS the current Accommodation Review Committee process is being forced through on a shortened timeline and only after the government made regulatory changes that make it easier to close a small rural school


WE the undersigned petition the Legislative Assembly of Ontario as follows:


That an immediate moratorium be established on the Accommodation Review Committee process, that planned school closures be halted and that the government be forced to consider the long term impact closing these schools will have on the communities they serve.

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    Strictly speaking about my children’s school, the closing of QSS and maintaining MSS. Apart from it making no financial sense the main factor for keeping MSS open was the Destinations Program and the International Baccalaureate both which “must be kept together!”. As it turns out I hear they are losing the Destinations program and will have to reapply for the IB program. So without these programs at MSS what is the argument for spending an extra $13M of tax payers dollars to keep MSS open? These poorly planned closures must be stopped. Where else could this money better be spent? We need some common sense.
  • signed 2017-10-28 22:18:37 -0400
    I think that Quinte Secondary School is a great school since both my children went there. It is centrally located with lots of room for expansion. It has had many new renovations in the last few years, so it would be a shame to see a perfectly good school close. I believe that closing Quinte would have a huge impact on the community.
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    please stop this poory executed plan that unfairly impacts rural communities!