Oppose Hydro One Sale Petition

 TO the Legislative Assembly of Ontario:-

 WHEREAS the 2014 Liberal campaign platform makes no specific mention to a sale, divestiture, privatization or broadening of ownership of Hydro One

 AND WHEREAS the privatization of Hydro One was passed as a part of a massive omnibus budget bill and was not given any separate debate or discussion either by the Legislature or in Committee

 AND WHEREAS the government has removed all oversight of the Sale from the independent officers of the legislature

 AND WHEREAS the sale is likely to result in the sale of higher hydro rates and the sending of Hydro jobs overseas


WE the undersigned petition the Legislative Assembly of Ontario as follows:-

 That the government stop the fire sale of Hydro One for which it has no mandate; restore the authority of the Legislative officers to oversee it and keep this public asset in public hands

Will you sign?

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