Municipal Land Transfer Tax Petition

TO the Legislative Assembly of Ontario:-

WHEREAS Home ownership remains the dream of countless of Ontarians who are starting families or setting down roots in a community

AND WHEREAS the current land transfer tax is already costing home owners in the City of Toronto tens of thousands of dollars

AND WHEREAS 2014 Data released by Sun Life Financial indicates that 24 percent of Canadians are planning for their home to be their primary source of income after they retire

AND WHEREAS Federal Department of Finance figures show that real estate equity assets make up share of the retirement asset market that is 57 billion dollars larger than pension assets

AND WHEREAS Ontarians already pay a considerable portion of their income every year in property taxes

AND WHEREAS this Premier pledged in 2014 that she would not grant municipal land transfer tax powers to municipalities beyond Toronto

WE the undersigned petition the Legislative Assembly of Ontario as follows:-

That the government protect the dreams and retirements of Ontario homeowners by keeping its promise not to expand Municipal Land Transfer powers and making it possible for every Ontarian to realize their dream of owning a home in our great province

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