MPP Reacts to Auditor General's Report

Central Hastings News

By Sue Dickens 

Queen’s Park - This year’s report by the province’s Auditor General revealed a number of areas where the government’s ability to deliver basic services had totally broken down, according to Prince Edward-Hastings MPP Todd Smith.
“Over 14 years, we’ve spent eight billion trying to develop electronic health records,” he stated.
“So, in the time that Apple has used to develop eight iPhones, a dozen iPods and the cloud, Ontario has been unable to electronically get your health records from Belleville to Kingston. Nowhere else could you fail so spectacularly and still have your job.”
The delay in developing the province’s health records is only one among a number of healthcare service delivery problems outlined in the report. More problems included 47 per cent of patients who needed emergency surgery having to wait ten hours or more for an operating room; 10 per cent of Ontario patients in emergency rooms faced waiting times of 23 hours or more and only a third of neurosurgeries were being completed within the recommended four-week timeline.
“How many times have we seen Quinte Healthcare forced to cut back on staff? How many times have we had to sacrifice services or beds at Trenton or Picton?” Smith continued. 
“We’re spending money on things that never produce results like eHealth, meanwhile one in ten people with emergencies are sitting in the ER for 23 hours. This is a complete failure on the part of this government to run a healthcare system.”
The Auditor’s report catalogued other issues with government services including road and bridge construction. 
“We’ve spent 23 million to repair three year-old roads that were supposed to last fifteen, often instead of using the contractor’s warranty to get them to do the job right. We just pay them again.” Smith concluded. 
“This government is now failing at the most basic things that Ontarians expect us to get right.”

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