Letter to Minister of Energy About Smart Meters in North Hastings

August 2, 2016


Hon. Glenn Thibeault

Minister of Energy

Whitney Block 6th Flr Rm 6630,

99 Wellesley St W,

Toronto, ON M7A 1W3


Dear Minister,


            It has been brought to my attention that the Ontario Energy Board has begun notifying residents in North Hastings that they are in the area with the highest rate of smart meter malfunctions and false readings in the province.

As a result, this could mean that residents who have been paying increasing hydro rates for the last few years have been overcharged as a result of a poorly rolled out and expensive system that the Auditor General has pegged at a $2 billion cost. While I’m sure the residents join me in acknowledging the information provided by the OEB regarding the malfunctioning of Smart Meters, a more pressing concern for all is what exactly your Ministry intends to do to mitigate the disastrous implementation of this policy.


There has to be a better public policy solution than allowing people to be at continual risk of being overcharged for electricity because of malfunctioning meters. While Bancroft residents are currently Hydro One customers and the government cannot issue directives to the company on how to behave, it can through Ministerial Directives ensure that consumers are protected from technology which, at present, is serving no other purpose than to artificially inflate their hydro bills.


I look forward to your attention to this matter.




Todd Smith, MPP

Prince Edward-Hastings

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  • commented 2016-09-06 23:30:08 -0400
    Thank you Todd for bringing this matter to the attention of our new Energy Minister. The OEB knew about the smart meter and poor wifi signal problem years ago. Hydro One applied for not one but TWO extensions of three years to address the problem and they were granted by the OEB. Basically the OEB granted Hydro One permission to turn a blind eye. Residents of North Hastings and Bancroft have been the victims of a broken business model, and continue to suffer the abuse in the form of over billing and ‘smart’ meters that DO NOT WORK. It is time to address this situation NOW…the burden has become too much to bear.
  • published this page in Blog 2016-08-02 14:24:54 -0400