Letter to Minister Duguid about Sears Closure

October 10, 2017


Hon Brad Duguid

Minister of Economic Development and Growth

8th Flr, 900 Bay St,

Toronto, ON M7A 2E1


Dear Minister,


            As I’m sure you’re aware, on Monday of this week Sears Canada announced it would be liquidating its operations in Canada. In my riding of Prince Edward-Hastings, hundreds of people are employed by Sears both at the retail location and at the warehouse on College Street.

Sears is one of the largest employers in the City of Belleville and this news will no doubt leave a severe and lasting impact on the local economy.

It is my hope that the government will work with municipal leaders in Belleville at this crucial time. Belleville has a number of wonderful small and medium sized businesses and local economic development agencies including the Quinte Economic Development Corporation have done an exceptional job at assisting and growing our local manufacturing base.

As well, it is my hope that you will ensure there are sufficient supports available for workers to assist them in the job search and any retraining efforts that will be necessary in the coming days and weeks.

If there’s any assistance my office can provide in these efforts, we stand ready to help Sears employees transition to new careers or access those government programs which may be necessary at this time.




Todd Smith, MPP

Prince Edward-Hastings

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