ERT Letter to Minister Mauro about WPD

February 29, 2016


Hon. Bill Mauro

Whitney Block

6th Flr Rm 6630

99 Wellesley St W

Toronto ON M7A1W3



Dear Minister,



            On Friday, the Environmental Review Tribunal ruled against WPD and the 29 turbine project that had been planned for the South Shore of Prince Edward County. Since the beginning, community groups in the County have persistently argued that the ecology of the County’s South shore make it an inappropriate location for this kind of industrial development.

This is now the second government sanctioned Environmental Review Tribunal that has agreed with them. 

In addition, the Gilead wind power project – an additional 9 turbines – had previously been denied approval by the ERT. It is now in a court ordered ERT session to determine if remedy or mitigation measures for what the court termed “irreversible harm” to the ecosystem is even possible. 

Truth is, the government’s own experts have testified against the WPD project at the ERT. Countless environmental organizations have spoken against it. Regardless of what any individual thinks of wind energy, surely we can all agree that this is absolutely the wrong place for it. While neither you nor I can know how the ERT will rule on mitigation or possible remedies for irreversible harm, in the event that the ERT rules that irreversible harm to at-risk species on the South shore cannot be remedied, you can end this saga. Therefore, in the event the ERT rules that irreversible harm cannot be remedied, I’m asking you to withdraw the kill, harm and harass permit issued to the above proponents if they are subject to such an outcome. 



Todd Smith, MPP

Prince Edward-Hastings

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