Energy Price Petition


WHEREAS, household electricity bills have sky-rocketed by 56% and electricity rates have tripled as a result of the Liberal government’s mismanagement of the energy sector;

WHEREAS, the billion-dollar gas plant scandal, wasteful and unaccountable spending at Ontario Power Generation and the unaffordable subsidies in the Green Energy Act will result in electricity bills climbing by another 35% by 2017 and 45% by 2020;

WHEREAS, the soaring cost of electricity is straining family budgets, particularly in rural Ontario, and hurting the ability of manufacturers and small businesses in the province to compete and create new jobs; and

WHEREAS, home heating and electricity are essential for families in rural Ontario who cannot afford to continue footing the bill for the government’s mismanagement.

THEREFORE, we the undersigned, petition the Legislative Assembly of Ontario, to immediately implement policies ensuring Ontario’s power consumers, including families, farmers, and employers, have affordable and reliable electricity.

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