Demonstration Schools

TO The Legislative Assembly of Ontario:

 WHEREAS: Demonstration schools in Ontario provide necessary support for children with special education needs; and

WHEREAS: the current review by the Government of Ontario of demonstration schools and other special education programs has placed a freeze on student intake and the hiring of teaching staff; and

WHEREAS: children in need of specialized education and their parents require access to demonstration schools and other essential support services; and

WHEREAS: freezing student intake is unacceptable as it leaves the most vulnerable students behind; and

WHEREAS: this situation could result in the closure of many specialized education programs, depriving children with special needs of their best opportunity to learn.

THEREFORE: WE the undersigned, petition the Legislative Assembly of Ontario as follows: -

To immediately rein state funding streams for demonstration schools and other specialized education services for the duration of the review and commit to ensure every student in need is allowed the chance to receive an education and achieve their potential. 

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