Monday April 13th, 2015


(QUEEN’S PARK)  - Today, the Liberal government signed a ‘cap and trade’ accord with the province of Quebec. The move, which places a tax on carbon, will likely mean higher gas prices and electricity rates in the near future.  


“I was in a meeting with the Society of Energy Professionals when the news broke, “ Smith stated. “The first thing that we talked about afterward was that this would raise the cost of the energy we produce from natural gas. That means higher heating and electricity bills for people who are struggling to pay their bills.”


The government’s announcement this morning was notably light on details as to who would be paying, how much they would be paying, how the system would be introduced or if it would even succeed in lowering greenhouse gas emissions.


“We’ve seen these cap and trade systems implemented in Europe and other places around the world. They result in no real reduction of carbon emissions and it becomes a bonanza for lobbyists who end up trying to get exceptions for their clients.” Smith added. “From the government who brought you the Green Energy Act, we have the next feeding trough for special interest groups.”


Of more concern to Smith was the cost that this scheme would inflict on the local economy.


“When you put a cap and trade scheme on top of already increasing hydro bills, on top of the new payroll tax the government is introducing, on top of a growing red tape burden, you’re making it more expensive for any business to stay in Ontario.” Smith concluded. “Cap and trade makes everything from gas, to heat and hydro, to groceries more expensive. It’s going to make life more expensive for businesses and working class Ontarians all over this province.”


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