bill 10


WHEREAS, the Liberal government introduced Bill 10 – Child Care Modernization Act on July 10, 2014.

WHEREAS, the passage of the Bill 10 will result in the elimination of 140,000 childcare spaces in Ontario and increase childcare costs by 30-40%, especially in rural and suburban areas.

WHEREAS, Bill 10 could force licensed day care providers to close, impacting religious day schools, private schools, and Montessori schools as well.

WHEREAS, the Liberal government has asked for quick passage of the Bill but has not properly considered these repercussions for all Ontario parents.

THEREFORE, we the undersigned, petition the Legislative Assembly of Ontario to have the Liberal government conduct a province-wide consultation during the 2014-2015 Legislative Winter Recess at which time the Minister of Education will travel across the province to consult with those who will negatively affected by the Bill, including Ontario children, parents and childcare workers.

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