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Todd was first elected to represent Prince Edward-Hastings riding at the Ontario Legislative Assembly in the General Election on October 6th, 2011.  He has was re-elected in the June 12th, 2014 Provincial Election.

Todd is the Energy Critic for the Official Opposition at Queen's Park. He also served as Critic for the Ministry of Natural Resources and Forestry, Critic for Small Business and Red Tape, Citizenship and Immigration Critic, Critic for the Pan Am Games and Critic of the Hydro One Sale.

During his first five years at Queen's Park, Todd introduced legislation aimed at reducing red tape in the beverage alcohol sector by allowing Ontario products easier access to market. Effectively passed legislation to bring real estate sales into the 21st century by permitting e-signatures to speed up transactions. Todd introduced a bill to eliminate the sale of illegal cigarettes with a special aim to crack down on the practice in school zones. He also tabled legislation to restore planning authority to municipalities when it involves the citing of renewable energy projects.

Among his other legislative duties, Todd is a member of the Estimates Committee and previously served on the Standing Committees of Justice Policy, Legislative Assembly and General Government.

Todd was also the Chair of Community Outreach for the Ontario PC Caucus and a member of the PC Job Creation Task Force.

Todd is committed to representing the residents of Prince Edward-Hastings. He and his office staff enjoy assisting local citizens get the assistance that they need from their provincial government. Todd is also committed to returning fiscal accountability to Queen's Park.  
A graduate of Riverview High School in New Brunswick, Todd moved to Belleville in the early 1990's and has called the Quinte-area his home ever since.  He now lives in the Oak Hills with his wife Tawnya, a local high school teacher, and two daughters Payton and Reagan.  

Todd continues to be a strong supporter of community and charitable events.  He coached for many years in the Belleville Bearcats Minor Hockey Association and has served with the Quinte chapter of the ALS society, Operation Red Nose Quinte and dozens of other organizations.  A proud graduate of Loyalist College in Belleville, Todd has also served on the Loyalist College Advisory Board.  He also has the distinction of being the first ever winner of the Dancing with the Stars Quinte contest (thanks to his partner Andrea Doucette).  

Prior to entering politics, Todd was an institution in morning radio at Quinte Broadcasting stations for more than 16 years, where he held the News Director position for CJBQ, Mix 97 and Rock 107.  Todd was also the play-by-play announcer on Belleville Bulls telecasts on the OHL Tonight. 



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  • commented 2016-08-15 14:01:48 -0400
    Good job, Todd: “Todd continues to be a strong supporter of community and charitable events. He coached for many years in the Belleville Bearcats Minor Hockey Association and has served with the Quinte chapter of the ALS society, Operation Red Nose Quinte and dozens of other organizations. A proud graduate of Loyalist College in Belleville, Todd has also served on the Loyalist College Advisory Board.”
    #toddsmithmpp http://www.jonhochschartner.com/
  • commented 2016-02-10 08:56:27 -0500
    My name is Gary Rossall and I live at 357 Tiffen Rd I have been trying to get all the pot holes fixed on Tiffen Rd which is in Marmora. I can’t even drive to town because of all the holes my car hits the bottom of the road and has damaged my car. I have e-mailed the Mayor Terry Clemens which I have had no replies from, I contacted the Fire Department ( Tony Brownson ) because I thought it would slow down there reponce time to a fire or accident . He did reply and stated that the road is realy rough. I also contacted Kevin Hart from the works department and he stated its to cold to grade the road, I stated to him all I want are all the pot holes filed which he did not reply to my second e-mail. Its not only the winter time that this happens its all year round. We can’tt even sit out front of the house in the summer time beause of all the dust that comes from the road. I have also contact the OPP about the speed that the cars and trucks do on this road and they stated that it is an unasummed road so there realy is no speed limit but as soon as you turn onto Tiffen Road from Highway 7 it states the speed limit is 60km. We have seen some driver’s going at least 120 along there. Last year there were dump trunks traveling along there at a speed of 80 – 90 untill we phone the OPP and the contacted the truck company and they started slowing down. Can you help us please.Thank youi
  • commented 2015-10-12 20:35:26 -0400
    Hi i’m trying to get help I was told you could ,my husband a I have been evicted after 17 yrs. the landlord has done no repairs in 14 in the process of packing my husband fell on the back stairs and needed surgery on his knee when the stair broke, the landlord said it wasn’t thier problem, what do we want they aren’t responcible for it they were not doing any repairs ,that they are selling the house they don’t want to do any repairs .in this house we have removed mold from a bedroom and the basement my husband has shoveled the walk every year only to fall and kill his back plus the roof they never paid a dime to remove the mold we have pictures, we were supposed to be out aug 31, after my husband fell we asked for more time and the landlord first said no then they suggested we buy this house for large money and to tell the t.d bank we gave them 20,000 dollars down payment we’ve never had that kind of money,we are on O.D.S.P. we are planning on buying a house but we need time and can’t buy this house it has more black mold in my husbands room and the living room ,when they were first told about the mold in here making me sick they threatened to sue us for it, we paniced thinking maybe we were to blame but we weren’t we learned later but my husband had already removed it ,they said they would pay us when they sell this house, the furnace is not up to date the windows are real old we have to plastic them every year,when they came out the first time he was so insulting to my husband it was awfull he kept saying we had to learn how to play the f…n game don’t know the game do know that they got 3 mortgages on this house since we’ve been here and have done nothing in 14 yrs, we do know they made a mansion out of their house ,the last time they got a mortgae they asked us to embelish it that they neede the money we didn’t we just at that time due to stress did not remember when the roof was only shingled not sealed and when the furnance was changed ,my husband had made a band room in the back and a work shop in the basement ,because when we first rented this house it was rent to own, we did not know that when they put in the furnace they changed their minds on that, there is so much ,we can’t find affordable housing and trying to get the deposit up is hard unless they paid us for the mold removal from the room,and keeping the water out of the basement by redirecting the waterflow away from the driveway , which if he did not there was an ice rink and he would fall on his back, they have never shoveled out here and only once 2 yrs after we moved in plowed and they own a plow! all they ever did is yell and intimidate my husband and I when-ever we needed anything done thus never doing any-thing we did not move out because our rent was only 500 a month and they said they wouldn’t raise it if we keept the driveway and deck and roof shoveled so we did! but it has cost my husband his health,we need more time but they won’t help and don’t care they first told us we had to move then when we said just because they were selling wasn’t a reason to evict us they went to a lawyer and got a notice drawn up saying they were moving in ,we know they are not her health is why they moved out of here 3 yrs, before we rented it there is so much more is there anyway you can help us please