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Speech About the Use of Omnibus Bills

Mr. Todd Smith: Thank you, Mr. Speaker, for recognizing me this morning. It’s a pleasure to rise today and speak to Bill 144, but only because it’s always an honour to rise in the House and speak. It’s not a pleasure to address this bill because this bill shouldn’t even exist.   Continue reading

Thunderstruck! How the Liberal Government is Driving Up Your Hydro Bill

In the four-plus years I've served as the Member of Provincial Parliament for Prince Edward-Hastings, there's no doubt that Hydro rates is the issue that I deal with most frequently. If you add in issues that are related to electricity rates, like the proposed wind turbine development on the South Shore of Prince Edward County or the privatization of Hydro One, then energy easily occupies three of the top four issues I've dealt with. Continue reading


(QUEEN’S PARK) – The fight to protect patient care at regional hospitals came to Question Period at Queen’s Park today. After Quinte Healthcare announced last week that their funding shortfall from the province would result in cutting 162 positions, Prince Edward-Hastings MPP Todd Smith decided to take the issue to the Premier’s doorstep. Continue reading

Hydro One Sale Hits North Hastings

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE November 9, 2015   (L’AMABLE) – Hydro One’s been on the market for three days, but any benefit that might happen in the sale clearly hasn’t made it to North Hastings yet. In the Bancroft area, the sale of Hydro One was marked by a power outage that affected more than 8,000 customers. The power outage is likely just an early indicator of what is to come for ratepayers in Hydro One’s low density areas according to Prince Edward-Hastings MPP Todd Smith.   “The prospectus for the Hydro One sale tells us that the company finds ratepayers in low density areas to be the most expensive to service.” Smith stated. “When Hydro One was public, the government could ensure that the same service was provided to all ratepayers. Now, the company’s only going to provide enough service to protect the profits of a few Liberal-connected pension funds.”   The anticipated impact of higher electricity rates resulting from the sale will make an already tough situation worse for many North Hastings small business owners.   “Our hydro bill at the shop is $3500 more through the first nine months of his year than last year, that’s crazy!” Said Duane Wingett, owner of Red Steer Butcher Shop on Highway 62. “Because of the increased cost of electricity we can’t hire anyone, we have to work seven days a week; we’ve unplugged a large cooler and have to charge more for our products and cutting services.”   Electricity rates have increased more than 100 percent since the Liberals took power in 2003 with over 70 percent of that increase having occurred in the last five years.   “Now the Ontario Electricity Board has to help Hydro One guarantee that 7 percent profit ever year for its stock price.” Smith concluded. “That’s going to end up buried in the bottom line of hydro bills across Ontario making it harder for small business people like Duane.”   For Information Contact: Ashley Harnden | 613 962 1144 | todd.smithco@pc.ola.org    

Smith Challenges Minister's Double Standard

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE September 16, 2015   (QUEEN’S PARK) – Two weeks after a Ministry of Natural Resources expert’s testimony made waves at the ERT hearing in Demorestville, the ripples finally made it to Queen’s Park. Joe Crowley’s testimony that, as the expert herpetologist employed by the Ministry of Natural Resources, he recommended against issuing a Kill, Harm and Harass Permit for Ostrander point was raised by Prince Edward-Hastings MPP, Todd Smith. Continue reading

ERT Letter to Minister Mauro

September 15th, 2015   Hon. Bill Mauro Whitney Block 6th FL Rm 6630 99 Wellesley St W Toronto ON M7A 1W3   Minister,   I’m writing you today to discuss the revelations from last week at the Environmental Review Tribunal held in the town of Demorestville. While ERTs would not typically be the purview of the Ministry of Natural Resources, evidence has come to light that pertains to previous actions of the Ministry with which I am taking issue today. Continue reading