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Letter to Minister Duguid about Sears Closure

October 10, 2017   Hon Brad Duguid Minister of Economic Development and Growth 8th Flr, 900 Bay St, Toronto, ON M7A 2E1   Dear Minister,               As I’m sure you’re aware, on Monday of this week Sears Canada announced it would be liquidating its operations in Canada. In my riding of Prince Edward-Hastings, hundreds of people are employed by Sears both at the retail location and at the warehouse on College Street. Continue reading

Letter to Minister Ballard about WPD

September 19th, 2017   Hon. Chris Ballard Ferguson Block 11th Flr, 77 Wellesley St W, Toronto, ON M7A 2T5   Dear Minister,               I’m writing you to follow up on a conversation that we had last week in the Legislature as it pertains to the Renewable Energy Approval (REA) issued by your Ministry for the White Pines project currently planned for Prince Edward County.  Continue reading

Letter to Minister Thibeault About WPD

August 28th, 2017  Hon. Glen Thibeault Minister of Energy Hearst Block 4th Flr, 900 Bay St, Toronto, ON M7A 2E1    Dear Minister,               I am writing to you with regard to recent correspondence from WPD regarding the nature of its planned energy construction project in Prince Edward County. I cannot recall a previous incident which so clearly demonstrated bad faith on the part of an energy company in recent memory. The threat that the company has not-so-subtly attempted to communicate to the municipality is one of legal action that it will proceed if County representatives continue to try and obtain information that is relevant to the project. Continue reading

Canada Day

Happy Canada Day!    A beautiful day around Prince Edward - Hastings.   Started the day off in Prince Edward County, followed by Belleville, Marmora & Stirling.   Hope everyone has a great day celebrating Canada's 150th Birthday   

Hydro Mess Continues

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASEJune 29, 2017   Hydro mess continues as Liberals waste equivalent of 760,000 homes worth of power   QUEEN’S PARK - Today Ontario PC Energy Critic Todd Smith revealed shocking data from the Ontario Society of Professional Engineers that shows the Wynne Liberals wasted 7.6  terawatt-hours of clean electricity last year - the equivalent of powering 760,000 homes for a year.  This represents a 58 per cent increase from the 4.8 terawatt-hours of electricity wasted in 2015.   “This is the direct result of the Liberals handing out expensive green energy contracts to Liberal donors for power we don’t need,” said Smith. “We’re selling power at a loss to states like Ohio, Michigan, and Pennsylvania, and allowing affordable green hydro power to get wasted. This is going to continue to happen until we address the root of Ontario’s hydro crisis and dismantle the Green Energy Act.”  This latest example of Liberal waste and incompetence comes on the heels of Hydro One applying for a rate hike that would see households paying $141 more per year.  “Ontario still has the fastest rising rates in North America, and Kathleen Wynne’s Unfair Hydro Plan does nothing to change that,” added Smith. “Rates are still going up and they’re going to continue to go up under the Wynne Liberals.”  “Over the next few days you’ll be hearing a lot of Liberal spin about how hydro rates are going down, but that’s simply not the case.” Smith concluded. “This latest example of Liberal mismanagement in the energy file means rates are going up – and it will only get worse under their watch.”  -30-   For Information Contact: Nick Bergamini | 416 325 8505 | nick.bergamini@pc.ola.org

Ontario Energy Board Meeting - Napanee

June 20th, 2017 No, was the overwhelming response on Monday night, from Eastern Ontario residents attending an Ontario Energy Board community meeting in Napanee into a proposed rate increase by Hydro One. The meeting focused on a proposed hike in distribution rates at Hydro One which could add an average of $2.50 per month over the next five years to electricity bills.  The OEB is holding a series of meetings to receive input on the company’s rate application which, if approved, would see the monthly increases begin in January of 2018. Prince Edward-Hastings MPP Todd Smith, Progressive Conservative Energy Critic, told the gathering that until the electric company reins in executive compensation any rate applications should be denied. “What the OEB should be is an arbitrator and look at other jurisdictions across Canada to ensure that we are paying reasonable salaries to our executives. The salaries at Hydro One are way out of whack. To be fair, it’s not the board at Hydro One that awarded the compensation packages. It was Kathleen Wynne and the Ontario Liberal government that awarded these massive contracts prior to selling Hydro One.” Smith went on to explain the CEO at Hydro Quebec and BC Hydro made less than $500,000 compensation per year while the Hydro One CEO received $4.6 million. He added that Hydro Quebec serves three times as many customers and has electricity prices that are a third of Ontario’s. MPP Smith noted that in the past the OEB decided not to allow Ontario Power Generation to pass on compensation increases to ratepayers. “The Supreme Court ruled in favour of the Ontario Energy Board in their assessment that OPG’s staffing levels and employment costs were too high. I’m asking you to do the same thing here today. The application for a rate increase should be rejected until compensation is brought in line with other Canadian provinces”. Smith closed saying many people are living in energy poverty and businesses are hanging on by a thread as electricity rates soar. He called on the OEB to stand up for rural and eastern Ontario and reject the rate increase until Hydro One gets executive compensation under control.  -30-    For Information Contact - Ashley Harnden - 613-962-1144 - todd.smithco@pc.ola.org  Continue reading

Bill 148


Letter to Minister Murray About WPD

April 18th, 2017   Hon. Glen Murray Minister of Environment & Climate Change Ferguson Block 11th Flr, 77 Wellesley St W, Toronto, ON M7A 2T5     Dear Minister,               On multiple occasions in the House, you have answered questions regarding the actions of the mega multinational energy corporation WPD and its attempt to construct energy installations in both my riding and that of my colleague, the Member from Simcoe-Grey. During those interactions, you have emphatically stated your intent to ensure the integrity of a process as well as your concerns about actions which could undermine it. Continue reading

Stay Tuned for a New Episode of Straight Talk

Belleville! Be sure to tune into TV Cogeco for a new episode of Straight Talk with MPP Todd Smith! This month's episode has Jill Raycroft, the new CEO of the Belleville Chamber of Commerce. 

Lyons Club Presents Habitat with New Home

  Yesterday, I had the opportunity to stop by the Lyons Club of Belleville for an incredible announcement. For over 20 years, Habitat for Humanity Prince Edward - Hastings has been building homes for families in need. Yesterday, they were able to announce that they are going to be building TWO homes with the help of the Lions Club of Belleville.    The Lions Club donated $100,000 to Habitat for Humanity, as well as providing volunteers to help with the build.  This is an amazing partnership and congratulations to Bob Clute and his team for all of their hard work.